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Bringing Authentic Indian Food To A Modern Table
Amber Cary
SAT & SUN 8:30 AM – 11 AM

Indian Cuisine

We are excited to serve popular Indian flavors in a

modern and contemporary style. 

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Our Ingredients include spices from the hills of Himalayas and the teas from Ooty as well as Kokdaikanal, Tamil Nadu. Our Chef sources fresh produce including vegetables and meat daily.

food near me cary nc The Five Proteins For Good Health When it comes to serving the main course, our chef has hand-picked dishes with five different proteins from across India. Its a medley of Paneer, Chicken, Lamb or Goat, Fish and Shrimp. Each dish is served in authentic Indian style, in a contemporary platter. Order Online Our Speciality We specialize in crafting a perfect combination of authentic Indian cuisine in a contemporary style. Modern Indian Cuisine Order Online

Delicious Amber Flavours and Taste is a modern Indian restaurant that serves authentic Indian food using traditional cooking techniques like the tandoor and sigri (barbeque) to suite your tastes and flavors. BARBEQUE & TANDOORI
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Chicken / Rice / Brocolli / Carrots / Sauce

This dish needs no introduction, but our chef has a special recipe of marinating the chicken with his freshly made spice blend and grilled over a certain time to give you an amazingly flavored and juicy chicken.

Lamb Chop

Grilled Lamb / Brocolli / Carrots / mashed potatoes

A hot favorite for most, the lamb is grilled in moderate heat over a period of time to soften and render the meat so you can dig into it easily. The lamb chop is prepared and served with special herbs to complete the recipe.


Paneer / Nuts / Sauce

One of our most tempting dishes for vegetarian lovers, this amazing dish is created in a rich and creamy onion-tomato gravy with nuts. Paneer or cottage cheese chunks are stuffed and shallow fried. Perfect when you wish to indulge in a great meal.