If you want to get a new and fresh feel to your bread this season try out our mint laccha paratha. The Pudina Lachha Parathas originated from Mughlai cuisine. Mint is called “Pudina” and Lachha means layered in Hindi. Pudina Lachha Paratha, is a delicious multi-layered whole wheat flat paratha or bread that is prepared with a combo of pudina/mint, garlic, and some aromatic spices that bring a unique flavor to this bread.  Mint has
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Are you planning a family or friends get-together, a wedding, corporate picnic, or a fun sporting event? No matter what your occasions may be, you surely need a good outdoor catering system to take care of good quality food. When you know who the best outdoor catering for you could do, it can easily transform any outdoor event into what you’ve imagined it to be. Be it intimate family events to large-scale corporate events, you
Spring weather comes between the winter and summer seasons and this is the start of summer. Although the temperatures start rising, you would have noticed that plants start growing again in this weather. It is also the season of Easter which also denotes new beginnings. When we look at our diet, this is also a great time to rebuild our health and immunity with everyday healthy food recipes. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to
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Black History Month Celebrations in Chinese Style! When we wanted to celebrate Black History Month, we dug into the history of the types of international cuisines that are preferred by African-Americans. What we found may surprise you! Did you know that there is a huge influx of Chinese in many of the African countries, like Ghana, Madagascar, Zambia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Angola, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Algeria, Chad, Namibia, Mauritius, and Tanzania? With such a big influence
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Want to try some healthy but yummy food this Valentine with your spouse? With the advent of the new year, many of us are on a goal to lose weight or just be health conscious. If you are also one of them, then this Valentine order some healthy food from Amber Cary and surprise your spouse! What you should avoid Indian food sometimes can be quite oily and high on carbs. Try to avoid any
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GO HEALTHY THIS CHRISTMAS WITH THESE 5 AMAZING TIPS! Christmas is usually a time we all love to indulge, but let’s not look at it as a green light to get in the habit of overindulging! There are ways to enjoy the holiday season and the festivities of Christmas without letting it impact much on your health or your waistline. Here are the top 5 tips you can try to have a healthier Christmas. Plan

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