At Amber Cary, a modern Indian restaurant that offers exquisite platters with Indian dishes. Each of these dishes have an essential element – Garam Masala. Also known as “Hot” Masala, it is a well-known and authentic blend of spices that has existed for centuries in all Indian dishes.

Most of the spices included in this mix are known to increase the temperature of the body as well as metabolism as per Ayurveda. Each of these spices have great health benefits as well including increasing immunity.

Each Indian family has their own choice of spices that they bring together in Garam Masala.

Each of these spices carries with them their specific flavor and together form a perfect flavorful blend that brings life to our dishes.
Where do we use Garam Masala?

Some of the most popular Indian food be it vegetarian and non-vegetarian include Garam Masala. Quite a few times, it is simply sprinkled on the dish after it is completely cooked, as a seasoning and left to simmer.

Some of the dishes where garam masala is used are in meat, chicken or seafood, vegetables, legumes, lentils, biryanis, grilled food, soups, curries, marination, sauces, paneer dishes, starters, spicy nuts, salads, and yogurt preparations.

How long should you store Garam Masala?

It is best not to keep the Garam Masala for a long time as the natural oils may lose their essence. Hence, you shouldn’t keep it more than a few weeks. In fact, we make fresh garam masala every couple of weeks and use it quickly as we can.