Christmas is usually a time we all love to indulge, but let’s not look at it as a green light to get in the habit of overindulging!

There are ways to enjoy the holiday season and the festivities of Christmas without letting it impact much on your health or your waistline.

Here are the top 5 tips you can try to have a healthier Christmas.

  • Plan your eating: Usually, during Christmas, you will find plenty of chocolates, nuts, mince pies, cheese straws, and cakes all around you. It may be also difficult for you to avoid eating these treats but spend a moment thinking about if you really want to eat it or are you just eating as it is there. You can also plan your food and get Indian food home delivery option from your nearby restaurants.
  • Shift to healthier food: As you know many of us really don’t look at fruits or vegetables during this period and it doesn’t even feature on the Christmas menu. But these are extremely important as they have the right quantity of vitamins and minerals our body needs to stay healthy. Hence when doing Christmas shopping, include fruits and vegetables in your list. There are many good Indian restaurants in NC that that also prepare healthy food that you can try.
  • Avoid having a cold: As you may be traveling during Christmas, it is better to take care of your cold as you may spread the virus to others as well. Maintain healthy habits of sleeping, eating a healthy diet, and avoid smoking to ensure you don’t catch a cold.
  • Get into an exercise regime: It is possible that during Christmas, you may be a bit lazy to move around, but avoid sitting on the sofa the whole day. Try to go out with the family and walk around especially after meals and even otherwise for a game of football, or frisbees or just go biking or drive around on scooters.
  • Avoid too much alcohol: If you are homebound during these holidays, the alcohol bottles can tend to mount up. Having wine on Christmas eve, beers with breakfast, Baileys, and brandy after dinner, it can just keep going on! Do try to be a bit careful about how much you drink in a day and replace alcoholic drinks with soft ones.

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