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South Indian Menu Selection

South Indian cuisine, being mostly vegetarian tastes wonderful when served with non-vegetarian accompaniments. South India being hot and located near the country’s beaches, the cuisine here is designed to complement the climate. You can experience the feel of being in South India while eating great South Indian food at Amber Cary.

Indo Chinese Menu Selection

Both Indian and Chinese cuisines have their own distinct flavors and health advantages. So, let’s combine Indian spices with Chinese roast to tantalize your taste senses. On the menu at Amber Cary, you will be able to discover the world of Indo-Chinese cuisine. Make your bookings today and enjoy some new, nutritious, and delicious Indo-Chinese cuisine.

Catering Menu Selection

With a team of professional hospitality employees and experienced chefs ready to work on the specified menu, Amber Cary is an all-in-one catering service provider specializing in handling all types of events. The whole lounge and bar services can be reserved, as well as rehearsals can also be scheduled, according to the client’s preferences. Amber Cary has a variety of unique catering ideas to fit any occasion, and They are delighted to be of service to you.