Spring weather comes between the winter and summer seasons and this is the start of summer. Although the temperatures start rising, you would have noticed that plants start growing again in this weather. It is also the season of Easter which also denotes new beginnings.

When we look at our diet, this is also a great time to rebuild our health and immunity with everyday healthy food recipes. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to know what kind of food you should have in this season that can bring a sense of freshness and zinc to your diet? It can’t be soups as the winters are over and not even salads as summer are yet to begin. So, what should it be?

We’ve made this job easy for you by listing out some of the top Indian spring dishes that you can prepare at home

  1. Chicken Korma: Try preparing the chicken curry with a light sauce that can come between the British roast and summer barbeque. Although Korma is a popular Indian dish, it can turn out to be a bit heavy, and sweet due to the cream and sugar blend. But if you are a bit health conscious, you can try making it with mild spices, almonds, and coconut milk, finally topped with a bit of chilli. This could be the best chicken korma you’ve ever tried.
  2. Bombay Aloo: Along with curry, you can go for Bombay Aloo that is a perfect alternative to roasted potatoes and your meal is complete with rice or roti. It is easy and fast to cook side dishes that you can prepare anytime you have guests over without advance notice! Cool dish to cook, it can jazz up your potatoes quite well. Just boil the potatoes and spice them up. But don’t stir too much as to not serve a mashed-up potato bowl!
  3. Grilled asparagus with lemon: Even though it is an outsider to Indian cuisine, Asparagus is delightful in this season and you can prepare it with some Indian spices along with fennel seeds to welcome it into your Indian diet. You can decide to keep it simple with a few flavors. When you get it fresh, it’s perfect. It arrives in May and stays till July. It is also a great vegetable as not much should be done with it. The simpler it is cooked, the tastier it becomes. You can sprinkle either Amchoor or lemon on it to finish the dressing.
  4. Nariyal sabjee or coconut vegetable: This comes right from the South of India where the vegetables are cooked in a spicy coconut sauce and prepared to a light, easy sauce to be paired with courgette risotto. It can be a perfect dish if you are a vegetarian and love to try something different. It brings in a fresh taste when cooked with pepper, mushrooms, and green beans. You can also add any more veggies if you like and adjust the cooking time accordingly. Once you try this, you won’t surely turn into a vegetarian but you’re going to love having it again for sure!
  5. Egg Curry: If you’ve not tried an Indian Egg Curry, it’s something you’ve really missed on the earth! Whatever be its origin or history, this curry is fun to make and does taste great! It is one dish that can be a talking point at a party or a get-together. Even though your guests may wonder that you tried replacing meat with egg, but once they’ve tried it, they won’t ever say it again! ?In simple language, it is flavored tomato masala gravy cooked with boiled eggs that is not just great to look at but simple, high in protein, and rustic to taste as well. An easy and all-time favorite for most Indians!